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July 29 to August 8, 2020

Everything you need to know and do to plan your trip

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Your Flight Details

NOTE: Changes to scheduling can occur. Updates will be posted on this page.
Check back for revisions and/or new postings for your tour to Spain.

Date: Wednesday July 29, 2020
JFK Airport
Meet at airport 5.30PM
Terminal 4
Delta Airlines Flight #DL168

Do not check-in on your own. Find your Tour Leader.

— You’ll meet staff and your fellow tour members at the airline's international check-in desk in the location outlined above for "group" check-in on the day of departure.

Saturday, August 8, 2020
departing 12.45PM
USA Arrival:
JFK Airport 
Terminal 4
Scheduled USA arrival 3.36 PM

Delta Airlines Flight #DL169

If connecting to another flight home, you must give yourself plenty to time to clear customs and check-yourself onto another flight. This can take time. Give yourself the time necessary to make your connecting flight.

Your Tour Leader

To be Announced

Required Documents

Three Documents required by May 31

  • Health Exam / Doctors Medical Form (2 pages).
    Requires a physicians signature, but not a physical.
    -- Our tour leader travels with this document, used in the case of injury, we have critical information at our immediate disposal. NECESSARY!
  • Player Code of Conduct
    Requires both parent & athlete signature
  • Copy of your passport
    Picture and name page(s) only

Download, print and complete these documents:

Upload and return all of these signed and completed documents:


Communication | Join our Chat Group

Athletes, be sure to join the group chat on the GroupMe App. Prior to tour, connect with other EuroTour athletes participating on your program; and great place to ask questions! During and after tour share photos and links. For athletes only.

Join this tours group chat : CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Are you arriving late or deviating from our itinerary?

Deviations must be reported through our online "Deviation Request Form" This must be done by March 31.

CLICK HERE: Deviation Request Form

We ask players who will not travel with the group to Europe to schedule their incoming flight to arrive at least one hour before the group flight on July 28. You would the meet the USA group at the airport and fully integrate with them then and there.

9.00 AM is our USA group arrival time

Please coordinate your arrival time with this flight and time.
-- a member of our staff will be at the airport waiting for the USA group to arrive.

The 2nd option is to meet us at our hotel that morning of our arrival before we head-out for sightseeing. Plan to be there by 10.30AM the morning of the groups arrival.

NOTE: the day of arrival is the day after USA departure. We are on an overnight flight. Schedule your meet-up accordingly.

Arrange and coordinate meet-up prior to departure with our USA office. This process starts with you completing the "Deviation Request Form" before March 31.

If you are not traveling home with us you will meet your player the Barcelona airport at 8:00AM 



Pack light. You can do it!

You are allowed to bring only two (2) bags on tour:
1. One carry-on (a backpack or similar)
2. One piece of checked luggage

  • Your checked bag cannot exceed 50 lbs.
  • Your stick will be placed into our EuroTour Team Event Bag.
    Airlines will not allow you to carry a stick on the plane. We will collect all the sticks at check-in and check them under EuroTour.
  • Sorry – only your stick will be placed in Team Event Bag – if you bring a stick bag – you will have to pack that into your carry-on or checked bag.
  • If you need to check your stick bag (or any extra bag) – this will cost you an extra $100 each way – which will be collected by the airline at time of check-in.
  • Your checked luggage cannot have a total volume greater than 7,800 cubic inches – You can determine volume by multiplying the out side luggage dimensions, Typical measurement for body dimensions: 32.0" x 15.75" x 15.5" (a 32 inch bag). This size requirement is waived for goalies - but not wight.

Sorry , but goalies, can you fit all your things into one bag? If not, you will need to pay the extra bag surcharge both ways.  They will not accept cash, only credit card.

You’ll probably find that a 32” duffel will barely make our limits . Please be mindful - our bus in Europe can only handle a small, or set, amount luggage.

Must Bring

  • Passport!
    Make sure the expiration date extends 6 months past your return date.
  • Medications/inhalers if needed

Don't Bring

  • Valuables

Don't bring what you can't afford to lose

Pack light. You can do it!

Hockey Gear

  • Stick
  • Day backpack
  • Mouth Guards
  • Shin Guards
  • Water Bottle
  • Hockey Socks
  • Personal medical necessities,i e, tape, knee brace, etc.
  • Practice clothes
  • Sneakers or Turf shoes
    no cleats, we do not play on grass 
  • note: Goggles are not required – but bring them if you want.

Goalie Gear

  • Stuff to keep you fresh; extra wipes, Fabreeze, etc.
  • Spandex
  • Goalie Bag
  • Full padding & protection

Camp Gear for "Glamping"

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Small Flashlight
  • Towel
  • Bathing suit (swimming pool)
  • Flip Flps for shower

More Stuff

  • Hockey Clothes: - shorts, tanks, t-shirts, sport bras 
    Note: it can get hot in Barcelona
  • Sweatshirt and/or jacket
  • Casual outfits for flight/sightseeing/meals/evening socials
  • PJs
  • Light Raincoat
  • Shoes: in addition to turfs & flip flops, we suggest comfy pair of sneaks or sandals for site seeing & activities 
  • Undies, bras & socks
  • Waste pouch or body wallet for passport & wallet
  • Money for one lunch, snacks and shopping/gifts
    (we suggest $200)
  • Hat and/or sunglasses (optional)
  • Razor (optional)

Even More Stuff

  • Cell phone/charger/adapter (optional)
  • Gift (like your jersey or stickers) to exchange with international players (optional)
  • Teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Deodorant
  • Soap (optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair: shampoo, conditioner, brush, hair ties
  • Shower flip flops
  • Bathing suit (optional for locker room showers) 

Airline bag policy

  • You can check 1 bag, bring 1 carry-on and 1 personal item for free
  • The airline charges $100 for a second checked bag. Payment by credit card only
  • Goalies: you can choose to pack everything in your goalie bag & carry-on to save $$$
  • The airline charges for any checked bag over 50 pounds
  • Tip: stand on scale with your bag and subtract your weight when packing
  • Goalies: If you are a few pounds over, contact a field player in our group chat and ask if you can put some of your belongings in her bag at the airport
  • The airline has parameters on size of bag (but a EuroTour goalie bag has never been charged for this.)
  • For any additional baggage questions involving airline policy, it is best to contact the airline directly


We sleep our first night in a top rated hotel in the old medieval walled city (Bari Gothic); bonding, getting over jet-lag and sightseeing, before heading into camp on day 3. There you will be given an air mattress (but not a sleeping bag) when you will be shown to your accommodations in the club's indoor hockey rink. Sleeping on the floor at camp his may seem alien to us, but it is not unusual for European athletes to sleep in this type of atmosphere when they go to tournaments and the like. "When in Rome". This is "glamping". This is immersion!


Typical Barcelona Weather

Average Barcelona summer weather is a high of 86 and low of 70. On average it rains only 4 days.

It can get hot.  Early morning and late afternoon/evening hockey with afternoon siesta by the pool.  Bring sun block!


Cell Phones & Family Communication

The hotel has  wifi, however plugs at the hotel and at camp are extremely limited. 

Wifi at Camp is virtually non-existant. 

EuroTour requires all athletes contact home on the first day. EuroTour chaperones will also contact you if there is anything you need to know, and will check email and phone for communication from back home.

Remember, there is a 6 to 9 hour time difference.  We'll be asleep at your 6PM

EuroTour requires certain times that are cell phone free. Instead of our athletes texting and on social media with friends and family back home; our athletes are living in the moment, building lasting relationships on and off the field, and soaking up this once and lifetime opportunity. This rule allows our athletes to become fully immersed in the experience.

EuroTour asks parents to give their daughter the opportunity to not have to check their cell phones on a daily basis. Parents will have the contact info of all staff and ask you to contact them if instead.


Injury or Sickness Protocol

If an athlete is sick or injured they are required to inform one of the EuroTour chaperones. If the chaperone, camper and trainer agree it is something minor, then they will take necessary precaution. If however they agree it is more serious, the EuroTour chaperone will call the numbers on file to get in touch with the Athlete's family. If needed, and when in doubt, the EuroTour chaperone will take the athlete to the hospital and will remain in close contact with the athlete's family. The local hospital is absolutely incredible; perfect English, reliable, quick, and is just a ten minute drive from fields and hotel.

Allergies & Medications

Nothing new for us! This spring you will fill out a form with detailing this information; if needed EuroTour will call you to discuss this prior to the tour departing.

Your Passport & Money

No need to worry, EuroTour will take each participant's passport when we get to the hotel and put it in the safe.

We suggest you exchange money at home; but we also have opportunity at airport. Credit cards should work abroad too!  HOWEVER, call your credit card company and tell them you will be using the card in Europe.  If using a debit card, make sure it will work in Europe. Also, if you intend to use a credit card to extract cash from an ATM, make sure you pbtain a password for that card.


What did we forget?

  • Login to your personal account portal here:: Account Portal
  • The camp is conducted in English, you will understand all instructions, hockey and social.. Although there will be many languages spoken within groups at camp.
  • We provide you at cam,p with an air mattresses - the tents have raised floors too. 
  • This camp does not have a washer dryer
  • Athletes do not shower between sessions and oftentimes keep the same
    hockey outfit on between sessions.
  • May be good idea to bring some fast dry-wicking clothes
  • If you want to bring an extra towel, yoga towels are light and thin
  • Put your name on your belongings. People don't steal but there are a lot
    campers in close proximity with similar looking stuff.
  • Do not bring anything you cannot afford to lose
  • Goalies - there is a special tent just for goalie bags and your belongings!
  • EuroTour does not require travel insurance, but you can view options on our website HERE.
  • Pack Light

Manage Your Personal Camper Account Portal

  • Download & upload paperwork.
    LOG-IN HERE: Account Portal
  • Manage your billing and account.
  • Link found on top left corner of EuroTour's home page.
  • Ensure all information is up to date, as EuroTour will use the primary email and phone number on file for communications, and in case of emergencies while on tour.
  • Also, make sure to add a clear photo of yourself!

Emergency Contact Information

We will be staying our first night bonding, getting over jetlag and sightseeing while at the:

Hotel Colón (our first night in Barcelona)
Av. de la Catedral, 7, 08002
Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 933 01 14 04

Camp Emergency Phone: TBD

Camp Address:
Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club
Ctra. de Castellar, 628, 08227 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
(everyday except our first day in Barcelona)

Please communicate directly to Holland in case of an emergency back at home.  The phone numbers above are to used for real emergencies only.  Thank you for your consideration. Also, be sensitive to the time difference.


Your Tour Leaders

To be Announced


Participant List

Participant List will be posted in June.

Get on the GroupMe chat which will be available in May

Follow the Flight

Nervous.  There's no need to be. But we understand.

You can follow the flight online with FlightAware: Click Here

Need Help

For help & support contact Jess at