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Top, Top Hockey,
Superior Accommodations, Great Food and Awesome Sightseeing

Traditional travel at its best!
Very different than our immersive international camp programs

“Join me as I personally host this program to Holland where you will train alongside my friends and colleagues, top Dutch coaches (the best). The program will be technically enhanced with strong, competitive matches. Prepare to be tested.

“Plus two special guests will join us. Harvard Head Coach, Tjerk van Herwaarden, and KNHB/FIH coach, Thomas Tichelman (best-of-the-best). Both awesome and unique.

“There’s more. We stay at a 4-star sport & spa hotel right next to our training facility and club. Serious luxury, while delivering serious hockey.

“Space is limited. Review details below, then contact me to see how you can join the experience-of-a-lifetime.”Tori Whitcher, Owner, Sport EuroTour

Daily Events & Itinerary

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DAY 1 :: USA Departure

Your tour begins with a late afternoon airline check–in. Afterwards you board a scheduled airline for this overnight flight. Our main departure point is Newark Airport, but for teams from other regions we can arrange for a local departure. EuroTour takes care of everything and all details are provided to you well in advance of take-off. We do all the heavy lifting.

DAY 2 :: Holland Sightseeing

First thing off the plane with our group of U.S. players and we’re off to your accommodations. A 4-star sport & spa hotel The same one the national teams stay in when they play against the Dutch. Soon you’re off on a drive through the countryside in our private bus to an open air, “living” museum. Here, visit windmills, see wooden shoes made and try Dutch pancakes. Today & tomorrow you acclimate to your new surroundings, bonding with your new friends – in Holland!

DAY 3 :: Amsterdam Sightseeing

There’s still more to see and do. This morning you’re off to Amsterdam where you visit the Anne Frank Museum and have time for a little shopping in Dutch boutiques. Tonight you’ll be escorted on a classic boat ride along the narrow canals where you glide through the waterways in our private custom launch – seeing Amsterdam lit at night! Now you are ready… it’s time to prepare for tomorrow.

DAY 4 :: Full-day Dutch Training

What you’ve been waiting for… Today you start your Dutch Training with Thomas Tichleman’s Dutch coaching staff. Absolutely the ultimate hockey experience for every hockey-head. After practice you ride your bike through the Amstel Forest to our villa at the hotel where you can relax and enjoy a Dutch dinner with your teammates.

DAY 5 :: Full-day Dutch Training
Tonight International Match

Today you attend your second full-day of Dutch Training. The coaching is beyond exceptional. Tonight you play in your 1st international match against Dutch players. Here in the USA, we cannot duplicate the ability, speed and action of Europe’s teen hockey players. You can learn as much from competing against them as you can from your Dutch coaches.

DAY 6 :: Full-day Dutch Training
Tonight International Match

Today you will attend your third full-day of Dutch Training. Then it’s time to test your skills and apply all that you have learned. Tonight you will play in your 2nd international match. Your Dutch trainers stay with you during match play to help perfect your game. Imagine where your game can go with this level of training and attention to details within these private sessions.

DAY 7 :: Full-day Dutch Training
Tonight International Match

Today is your last full-day of top training with your Dutch coaches, tonight your last international game. It’s the most amazing hockey you have experienced and now you are seeing your game in a new light. There’s more; tonight you say good-bye to your Dutch friends at your farewell dinner.

A perfect ending to a great trip!

DAY8 :: Depart for USA

This morning you bid farewell to Europe when you depart Holland for home. Now it’s time to show your friends, competitors and prospective college coaches all you have learned. Private training, competitive games, exceptional sightseeing – all while staying at our 4-star sport & spa villa and hotel next to our training pitch and club.
Simply awesome. Join us.

Everything is Included

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    Round Trip Airfare

    We will all meet for the first time as a group at the airport before check-in. We typically depart from Newark Airport.

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    EuroTour Chaperone Staff

    All logistics will be covered by the Sport EuroTour staff team who travels with tour members 24/7. Nothing is left to chance.

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    All Breakfasts

    No need to worry about where to find breakfast, it will be waiting for you. Heady and wholesome.

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    All Lunches - except 2

    Choice is nice, and you have that on the three days you are out-and-about sightseeing.

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    All Dinners

    Don’t worry, our hotel knows what American kids like to eat – including a healthy range of good food for the growing athlete.

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    Extensive Sightseeing - All Entrance Fees Included

    We do a lot of great sightseeing too – all admissions are included, from the Ann Frank House to our private canal cruise.

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    4-Full-Days of Private Dutch Clinics - The Best!

    This is it. The best of the best in Field hockey training. No one delivers this in-depth design like our Dutch partners do. All hockey is on water-based turf. The finest!

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    3 - 11v11 Competitive Dutch Games

    Hard for most, easy for EuroTour. In Summer, clubs are closed, on vacation. But we have you covered with our ongoing Dutch camps.

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    Accommodations in 4-Star Spa Hotel

    Another EuroTour exclusive. You’ll stay at a 4-sar Sport & Spa Hotel right next to our club and fields. No better location.

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    Dutch Bicycle (you're a real Dutchie)

    A big part of Dutch culture is their bicycle. And you’ll fit right in as you take the short ride in the forest from hotel to the club.

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    Exclusive Private Bus - All Ground Transport

    When sightseeing or moving to and from the airport, you’ll be chauffeured with your U.S. teammates in our private motor coach.

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    No Hidden Charges or Fees

    You’ll want to bring about $150 with you. Not paid to us, but for drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Never extra charges from us.

Pricing & Criteria
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