Emily Snowden, EuroTour Director of Goalkeeping

College Preseason Training
for Goalies

17 to 20 year old
July 15-22, 2020
For Rising
and College GK's

Ages based on time of travel

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With Martijn Drijver, Dennis van de Pol and Emily Snowden, we've created what is the strongest semi-private GK training course ever.

Competing for time in the cage at the collegiate level is relentless. This program will give you an overwhelming edge to stay on top.

Martijn Drijver is called the "Goalie Guru". Renowned in Europe as the lead goalkeeping coach, Martijn has has trained more than a few leading international goalies including, Maddie Hinch and David Harte both recipients of the 2016 FIH Goalkeeper of the Year Award. He has been active in three Olympic Games, five European Championships, three World Championships and ten Champions Trophies. His legacy is extensive - in 2008 Spain won the silver medal, thanks to the eminent goalkeeper Quico Cortez, trained by Martijn. In 2012 he accompanied the keepers of the Dutch team, which also won Olympic silver. And at the club level Martijn has contributed to many successes: As goalkeeping coach, he was involved in fourteen league titles and seven European club titles. Several national teams have Martijn as goalkeeping coach on their staff in recent years, including the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Ireland and South Africa.
Simply stated... he's the best.

Emily Snowden is EuroTour's U.S. Director of Goalkeeping. Emily was former WC Eagles Director of GK's and former goalie trainer for the Division I hockey program at Drexel University.

Emily has tutored under Martijn Drijver for 5 years after first traveling to Holland to train with him while playing D1 college hockey. Spending several summers studying the Drijver Goalie System as a goalie and then as a coach, Emily is now able to bring these training techniques and skills to help U.S. goalies.

“You’ll train at your own level, in small training groups, with other motivated goalies from around the world – under the watchful eye of myself and my top staff of goalie trainers.

“From your posture and balance, to your dive or how to best hold your stick, to footwork and kicking – not a single thing is forgotten. During the Drijver Goalie Camp and Clinic all that matters is improving your goalie skills! We make this happen!”Martijn Drijver

“One of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced came throughout the whole camp. I already miss it so so much. “Kendyl Underwood (told us it was the "best experience of my life")
“Incredibly intense and fun!”Marissa Florio (2nd year attending)
“Definitely the best camp I’ve ever been too, My game has improved so much simply from playing against players at the international level.”Skye Joegriner (told us it was the "best experience of my life")
“I learned more than I thought was even possible”Izzy Anton - (said her skill level increased by 10X)


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