Your Hockey Resume

One of the key pieces to communicating with coaches is your high school field hockey resume.

While your target schools will have different criteria for academics and athletic talent necessary for selection and admittance, you need to be able to tell your prospective coach what you’ve done athletically and academically.   When I ask a coach if they are seriously considering X player, most times I get back as an answer “I don’t have enough information on that player.”

College coaches are BUSY and they don’t have time to waste sifting through details to determine if a player is worthy of further evaluation.

You need to use your resume to help them get a closer look at you.

Click here for a Sample resume
Download it – save it – copy from it.
Note… this is a sample resume of a girl who eventually got into Yale.  Not all resumes will be as extensive.  That’s OK.

Don’t lie. But accentuate the positive and downplay the negative. In the end, a resume will not get you recruited, but it will get you noticed if it has what college coaches want to see.  Be careful of trying to add too much.  These coaches are smart enough to know most high school athletes do not have a lot of experience.  Don’t fill white space for the sake of adding words or events that are irrelevent to a college coach when evaluating prospects.  Remember – the resume is only one step in a long, arduous process.

Here are a few things your resume should include to help you stand out:

Team accolades and/or championship results
Personal accolades & awards
Personal stats
Association or Club affiliation: Club, Futures, Etc
Are you involved with hockey outside of fall high school season
Have you had any international experience or exposure

— They are trying to determine your level of understanding for the game and your commitment to the game.

One of the mistakes many prospective recruits make is listing all the camps they have attended.  While attending camps shows commitment.  It is not a unique endeavor.  It does not make you stand out.  In fact, it creates a lot of noise.  Noise, a marketing term for making sure what is important is not seen.

Other sport activities in off season (Track, Lacrosse, Swimming etc)

SAT or ACT scores (or preliminary scores if you have them)
Classes – highlight top classes like AP classes

They will ask you all this at some point. So why waste your time, or theirs.  Best to know now if you do not fit their academic criteria.

If they like what they read on your resume, they may be inclined to watch you play.

Click here for a Sample resume

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