Your Resume is your Frenemy

Your Resume. It’s your best friend, because all it is really trying to do is highlight how totally awesome you are. Your resume is also your enemy because it’s so gosh darn annoying to write AND if you royally mess it up, it could cost your dream school.

You will probably have about 1,254 different versions on your desktop and you will probably always forget which is your latest version. Then, after you email it to a college coach, you re-read it 230 times because you are OCD, but then realize you put a comma in the wrong spot! Insert Panic attack.           (OK, maybe that’s just me…)

I do have to say, looking back (as the incredibly wise 27 year old I am today), writing all those resumes in high school gave me a huge leg up by the time I hit the real world. All those non-athlete college seniors had no idea what a resume even was (so at least you have that to look forward to!).

After you read this and before you go forth and conquer your resume, read Bob’s Blog about resumes too!!!

With your resume, your goal is to be clear and consistent. There is no one right way to write a resume but below are some of my tips to guide you to create the best resume to highlight you as much as possible. Hopefully these tips will prevent you from throwing your laptop across the room in aggravation while you write!

What to include:

1. Contact info

2. Year of graduation & name of school

3. Academic info:

  1. GPA
  2. Class rank
  3. Awards
  4. Honors
  5. Any scores on SAT, PSAT, ACT, etc

4. Field Hockey Info:

  1. High School info – coach’s contact info
  2. Club info- coach’s contact info
  3. Position
  4. International experience
  5. Anything you won, honors, awards
  6. Any U.S. participation, ie Futures and what level
  7. Any stats that highlight your skills

5.  Extracurricular

  1. List anything you do outside of hockey and academics ie, band, volunteer work, art society, etc
  2. Any other awards, honors, etc
  3. Any other sports and those sports awards


Now that you have all the info needed, here are some things to look out for while you write:

1. Consistency – make sure bullets and spaces are all the same. It is fine to use caps, italics, and underline to accentuate certain points – ie, if one header is bold and underlined, make sure all headers are bold and underlined. Make sure it looks clean and professional by using a Template (Word has resume templates). Also use 1 font that is professional, Times New Roman is always used, so trying using Tahoma, Arial, etc.

2. Use Action Verbs to describe your skills and accomplishments. Google a list of action verbs for resumes.

3. When giving a hard copy to a coach, make sure you use nice resume paper. Also, keep it in a folder while you are traveling so that it doesn’t get dirty of folded.

4. If emailing it, title your resume something the coach can easily file, ie “Tori Whitcher Resume”.

5. Your resume should be 1 page.

6. Start building your resume ASAP and constantly update it! Even as a freshman (or heck, even in 8th grade) it’s not too early to put your info together (OK, maybe 5th grade is too early). However, always make sure you send the most updated resume (don’t be that senior sending your 8th grade resume, that would not be good)!

7. Have at least two qualified people edit your resume. Ask your English teachers to help you. Absolutely do not have a spelling or grammatical error in your resume.

8. Put the final version in a PDF. Never email a non-PDF to anyone unless they are editing it.

9. Go online and research good vs bad sport resume examples. Also, a lot of Career Services for Universities have great info – for example University of Richmond has a great online resource for resumes!

10. After you edited the heck out of your resume and think it’s perfect, put it down for a few days. When you are awake and feeling smart, print it out and edit it again.


Now, go crush your resume!!!!

Oh, and any and all thoughts, suggestions, advice on this subject please please please write a comment below!!!

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