Plan Your Summer, Part I

The summer field hockey season is short and jammed-packed. A lot of field hockey camps and showcases get booked-out quick. Heck, EuroTour’s August 2016 camp got sold out in September 2015 (don’t worry, we opened up another one in July!). You need to start planning ASAP and also plan smart to have an effective summer.

A lot may (or may not) happen from now to this summer. You could commit somewhere, you could get the thumbs down from a coach, you could change the major you want to pursue. This is why it is smart to add diversity and balance to your summer schedule. This is also why it is smart to plan and set your priorities now.

Here are the steps I suggest you take ASAP:

1. Compile a list of field hockey summer events – camps, team events, tournaments, showcases, etc. Don’t know any? Ask your coaches, teammates, teammates’ parents and do some online research.

2. List these events from most important to least important. I understand it is difficult to know if one college camp is more important than a team tournament or a skill camp (this will be a separate blog). You need to think about what will be best for you, short term and long term. Getting recruited, improving your hockey skills and overall learning, growing and having a good time while doing it are things I personally think are important when one plans their hockey summer. So, my suggestion is to add some balance into your summer. Don’t do just showcases, don’t do just college camps, don’t do just tournaments, and don’t do just skill camps.  Please note, one thing I highly suggest if you are doing a college camp, is to make sure this is one of your top choice schools and that you actually fit the criteria, giving you a chance of getting into that program and school. Also, make sure you have been talking to the coach beforehand so they know to look out for you at camp (there will be a lot of kids there).

3. Figure out the date and locations for all of these field hockey events.

4. Figure out when your school ends and preseason begins.

5. Sit down with your parents and write a list of family or personal events going on this summer. Going to Cape Cod 4th of July? A cousin’s wedding? Get the dates and locations.

6. Contact each of the field hockey organizations on your list and find out if they are full. If they are not full, ask them how much space is left and when they think it may be full (basically, find out how much time you have to plan before you miss out).

7. Get a big calendar

8. Pencil in all your musts. Include personal (like your favorite cousin’s wedding or that awesome family vaca) and your top four summer field hockey camps/tournaments. Write out all the details. Highlight them on your calendar in yellow. These are the events you will make a priority to attend.

9. Pencil in all your other events. These are the events you will attend if convenient for you.

When I was your age, I planned my summer around a skill-set camp and a quality showcase opportunity (I consider a college camp a showcase opportunity, this is why it is important you are qualified for and interested in that school).

Check out my next blog: Plan Your Summer, Part Deux, where I will give my thoughts on getting burnt out over the summer and my thoughts on choosing to attend college camps. Until then, get a calendar and make those lists!!!


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