I’m Obsessed – Is The Coach?

Let’s face it – you pray to the Recruiting Gods every night that the coach of your dream school views you as a top recruit. (This is the biggest mystery of all time, after all.) You even have a little shrine in the corner of your room dedicated to this coach in hopes she will recruit you.

When I was being recruited, I remember thinking that I would do ANYTHING for the coach of my dream school. I had a freakout if she responded to an email of mine. It’s like these coaches have the keys to our destiny (and they kinda do after all…).

“How do I know if the coach is interested?” “How do I know if this coach views me as a top recruit?” “Is she even interested at all?”

These are questions and concerns I receive weekly from players looking to be recruited. Well, worry no more girlfriends! I have your solution!  And no, it’s not some crazy phycology tactic or a far our algorithm.

The solution: Just ask them. Yes. Ask the coach flat out when you meet with him/her, “where do I stand on your list of recruits?”

I asked this to a coach when I was being recruited and she flipped over her whiteboard and showed me her entire list of 20 recruits. She was bringing in 6. I was number 7. This gave me a really good idea that I had a great chance (since odds are not all 6 would say yes), but I also learned that I was not at the top of her list. I had to wait on another player to decline before I could even be offered a spot on her team. This meant I needed some good backups (thank goodness I asked!).

Keep in mind, I was number 7 on that list because of everything that coach knew about me at that time. Her opinion of where I stood on her list wouldn’t have changed unless she received new information about me. If it’s hockey information, it would have changed her perspective about how she sees me contributing to her team. If it’s academic information, she would have learned that it would be easier for her to pull me into the school. For example, if my SAT score increased significantly and I also received a high hockey award and got on a prestigious team, this information would have changed her perspective about me. Maybe I would have gone from number 7 to number 3 on her list. This is why it is important to keep your resume and video updated – and more importantly, call and email the coach if something changes.

The answer to this question will help you properly plan and give you some much needed peace of mind – and answers!!


**Side note to Mom & Dad: Make sure you do not ask these questions. It will mean a lot more coming from your daughter. It will also be good for her in the long run! Keep that in mind.

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