Major Major Issue

A story from my personal experience with my major. Read until the ‘twist’ at the end – don’t let this happen to you! (this applies to athletes and non athletes alike.)

When I was in high school I kind of knew I wanted to pursue a business major. I wasn’t really sure, but I knew what I didn’t want – which was every other major. So, I picked business! Why not, right?!

(side note – if you are like me – look into ‘Make Your Own Major’. A lot of schools have this and it may allow you to take all the classes you are interested and leave out a lot of classes your aren’t. I wish I had done this, it’s awesome!)

Anyhow – when I was in high school looking at colleges and recruitment, I made sure the school had a great business program. I ended up getting into the University of Richmond, which at the time had the 12th ranked business program in the country (not bad, right?!).

Freshman year of college I did not get straight A’s, that’s for sure. Sophomore year in college I filled out a little piece of paper stating I wanted to pursue business and started enrolling in classes for the business school. Easy.

My junior year, University of Richmond created a new rule for all upcoming students that all sophomores had to apply for the business school. This means all freshman wanting to pursue business had to (and still have to) follow a strict criteria, get above a highly set GPA and apply for the business program their sophomore year. (Thank goodness I was already in the business program!!!)

SO, the advice I bestow to you: if you are set on a major, see if there are any requirements you need to accomplish your freshman of college year in order to get into that program – or if anyone automatically can enroll – or if you need to apply separately. Then when you are a freshman – don’t screw it up! 🙂







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