Your insta matters!

Keep your social media clean; it could cost you your dream school.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; anything with your name on it online. You may think snapchat is safe, but it’s not.

Coaches have decided against recruiting top high school athletes due to their social media; you don’t want a few party pics on your instagram to be the reason you don’t get into your dream school, right???? It’s not just the coach who looks at your social media pages. The entire team will most likely be looking you up too. They do not know you as a person, so this is what they use to judge if you will fit into the team culture.

Some of my personal suggestions below; if you stick to this advice, your social media could actually help you with recruitment instead of hurt you:

-Think of your social media as a personal fun resume for the world to see

-Edit all your social media settings so that you have to approve any and all posts and pics that others tag you in

-Tell all your friends you are keeping your social media clean for college recruiting purposes

-Show  your social media pages to your parents, coaches and teachers; have them give you suggestions so that it represents you in a honorable light

-Absolutely no party pics or even solo cups

-No sexy pics; ie, no bikini pics and suggestive outfits (short shorts, low cut top, belly shirts, etc)

-Your generation made selfies a thing, and the coach may not understand all your selfies…so keep it light on the selfies and duck faces

-Never post complaints, anything negative, mean or crass

-Leave out the lovey dovey kissy over-the-top boyfriend pics

-Just don’t be in a picture if you think a coach may not totally approve or support; since chances are your friends will post it online. Remember, just because you have privacy settings doesn’t mean the picture won’t be up online for the world to see.

-After you get recruited, maintain the cleanliness of your social media. Why? Because you will soon be applying to internships and jobs 🙂

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