Which tour is best for you? Field Players

Last updated: February, 2020

All programs are equally as good as far as training goes, it just depends which would be the best fit for the athlete.


Basically, do College Ride if you like a more intimate group with more one-on-one customized top Dutch training – with college coaches as your chaperones and on the field with you, staying at super nice facilities and great food, biking to the fields.

Do Elite or Barcelona if you want to live at the hockey club with 100+ top hockey athletes from around the gl0be, co-ed, with dozens of top coaches, experiencing a true immersive Dutch hockey camp; with hockey non-stop, where you live, train, play with other hockey players from around the globe.

Elite availability is limited and qualifications are required, email me to check: tori@sporteurotour.com

If you want to discuss these options over the phone, fill out this quick form to request a call and I will give you a ring and answer all your questions!

See you this summer,