What are your 2019 Goals

By Tori Whitcher

Research shows a written goal is 42% more likely to happen. Which is why I created a nice lil’ worksheet for you to help you achieve your goals in 2019. Print it out and give it go:

Download Your  Goal Setting Worksheet: click here!

The worksheet is broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Reflect on 2018 (last year)
    1. Taking time to look back on what you’ve done over the last year will help you define your goals for the upcoming year. Be proud of what you’ve done and strive for even more self development in 2019.
  2. Your #1 Hockey Goal
    1. This can be anything from winning a specific award, to consistently getting over 50% of your drag flicks (or strokes) in the top left corner. As long as you can measure it and it’s specific, but most importantly you really really care about it.
  3. Your #1 College Prep Goal
    1. What is 1 thing you would really like mastered or completed in 1 year from now, related to college. Think about college recruiting, testing or college preseason. Don’t forget to make it measurable, specific and something that is meaningful to you.
  4. Your #1 Personal Goal
    1. College and field hockey are important, but they aren’t your life. This is a very broad category, so think about a void you’ve had this year, or something on your bucket list. Do you want to win the science fair? Limit your social media to 10 minutes a day? Go to bed by 10:30 on school nights? Fund raise money for that EuroTour trip?!

So now you’ve written your goals.  But how do you start to achieve them?
For Actionable Steps, here is an example; let’s say your goal is to make the U19 Gold Team this year, for Jan-March:

  1. Meet with my club coach to discuss this goal with her, discuss what I need to work on
  2. Do 5 min of skills every day on my own, outside of practice, based on what coach suggested I work on
  3. Book & outline my spring and summer clinics, hockey travel, games & camps so set myself up to grow my game throughout the year

Write your Action TO-DO list down.

This past summer, on the College Ride tour, I sat down with some of the girls to review their goals for their training and tour week plus what is their expectations the following few months when they returned home… the conversations were AMAZING. It inspired me to create this worksheet so that ALL hockey athletes can focus on improving their game by determining and writing out their goals throughout 2019.

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Cheers to setting high goals and workin’ our butts off for them!