So What is this College Ride anyway?

Our College Ride tour is so different from any camp, clinic, tour, vacation or training that has ever been created.  College Ride is the secret recipe we’ve created over the past 30 years with the perfect balance of:

  1. hockey
  2. travel
  3. sightseeing
  4. immersion
  5. fun
  6. college recruiting
  7. education

Watch this video to get a taste:

Let’s dive a little deeper.
Here are the facts:

How we developed the concept of College Ride:

We’ve been running similar tours for 30 years, but one thing we would hear athletes say is that they really want to train in Holland and know how much EuroTour will improve their game, but that they didn’t want to miss out on being in front of college coaches and expanding their recruiting handbook.

Well, we came up with an excellent solution to their problem.

Now, all our chaperones for College Ride are College Coaches, they are on the field with the athletes, top Dutch coaches. And teh college coaches learn just as much as the athletes! We also have an intimate Q&A and college recruiting night with our chaperones.

Check out the College Ride  or Ivy College Ride website to see the itinerary and more info!

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