About Us

Our corporate name is Expanding Horizons, Inc. We are family owned and for 30 plus years have operated Sport EuroTour, an international field hockey travel program, in addition to World Camp USA, our domestic “international” camp. We work with a broad spectrum of athletes and coaches wishing to excel in field hockey. Our focus is exclusively on Field Hockey.

What Makes us Unique:

  • Our niche is working specifically with teenage field hockey athletes.
  • Our expertise is in planning and executing professional field hockey training programs for individuals and teams.
  • Our networks are at the highest levels of technical coaching and expertise in Europe.
  • Our goal is to provide players and coaches with the absolute highest coaching and training available in hockey – all while delivering the richest, most rewarding and value packed experience possible.

Our History

Sport EuroTour began in 1989 with its first hockey tour to Europe. We have developed an exclusive arrangement with the European Hockey Federation (EHF) Camp and Clinic providers to register US players into Europe’s top talent camps. Our relationships in Field Hockey are at the highest level – at the Olympic GOLD level. We believe in doing one thing really well. For us that is hockey training.

Who We Are

Bob Whitcher

Bob started Sport EuroTour in 1989 as an avocation to marry sport and culture into his family dynamic. Soon, after players and teams asked to join him and his family on these European hockey excursions. Interest grew to the point where a decision was made to support EuroTour as a full-time endeavor. You can see Bob’s personal mission statement at his Linkedin page. In time, Bob’s children had begun to play the sport at a serious level. His oldest daughter went on to play at Yale (class of ’09) and his youngest showed not only a talent for hockey, but also an interest in sport and the business side of the company. In 2001, from the seed of EuroTour, Bob helped co-found and create the nationally recognized international field hockey camp on U.S. soil, World Camp USA. He has had an impressive impact on hockey in the USA which started with a simple concept for his family and lifestyle.

Tori Whitcher

In 2020 Tori was honored with the USA Field Hockey Association Humanitarian Award. The award is presented to an individual who has transcended the game of field hockey and achieved something inspirational to us all. 

Tori , growing up, spent most of her summer’s in Holland where she worked and played with many different levels of athletes and coaches, including gold medal Olympians and NCAA national champion coaches. Tori took her love of hockey and went on to play in a DI program at University of Richmond (’11) earning a degree in Business Administration. She brings an in-depth knowledge to her role at Sport EuroTour with an enthusiasm for our sport that is contagious. She currently lives in Boston and has been coaching at both school and club. Tori’s day job involves managing everything and everyone in the Sport EuroTour network and family. If you don’t know about us, Tori would love to take the opportunity to explain who we are, what we do and how this experience can be life-changing. We encourage you to schedule a chat with Tori to find out more.

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Thomas Tichelman

In Europe, we have our greatest asset – Thomas Tichelman – Former Dutch Men & Women National Team Coach and Technical advisor to the KNHB (the Dutch governing hockey board – similar to our USFHA). Currently, Thomas spends much of his time as a guest speaker and course conductor for the FIH, the international governing body of world hockey.

Thomas Tichelman is one of the most renowned coaches in the world. The Dutch technical system is recognized as being the most advanced in the world – and Thomas has had a hand in that. Always on the cutting edge of Hockey, Thomas has trained some of the best in our sport, including Teun De Nooijer, Taco van den Honert and Bram Lomens. Working with van den Honert, Thomas is credited with perfecting the Drag Flick – and with the Amsterdam Free University of Movement Sciences, he designed the Zonal Training System – allowing players and coaches the ability to breakdown specific skill-sets needed to perform at maximum efficiency while playing the ball at every angle to the body. Thomas is owner of SportWays Amsterdam, a Technical partner with Sport EuroTour and consultant of World Camp USA.

“I believe there is a critical need for young American field hockey players to travel abroad – to be exposed to the various cultures and the international game of hockey. Global hockey is just so athletic, passionate and community oriented. Unfortunately most high school players are limited by their narrow experience. Only when exposed to the game at its most developed levels – can players realize their full potential. I encourage all US hockey players to take the next step in their hockey careers – an international hockey experience.

“What a point of Hockey energy and innovation Tori and Sport EuroTour has been. From one pandemic to another she has the vision and acts on the front foot. Our game needs this right now.”Missy Meharg, Head Field Hockey Coach, University of Maryland

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