European Hockey Federation
“Camp of Excellence”

Date to be Announced
May not be offered in 2021

14 to 18 years old

11-days, our longest program. “Immersion” into the Top-Rated Talent Camp for the European Hockey Federation, held in Barcelona, Spain. Sport EuroTour has exclusive rights to place 36 U.S. athletes into this extraordinary European camp.


You'll need your sound on

“Absolutely amazing!”Grace Grenier, USA Camper
“Thank all of you so much for this amazing opportunity! Before I was a little hesitant on going, but after meeting everyone, my hesitations went away. This was a great experience.”Safa Jan, USA Camper
“Thank you so much for an amazing experience”Maya Benway, USA Camper
“Overall this was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I learned so much and I definitely improved over the course of the trip. Thanks for a great time!!”Anna Wickey U,SA Camper
“LIFE-CHANGING” Ariel Schumacher U,SA Camper
“Thank you so much for for an opportunity like this! It was such a wonderful learning experience.”Zikora Irono, USA Camper
“She absolutely loved the camp and is so sad to be home”Lynn Crutchfield, Mom, USA Camper
“It made me so much more comfortable with myself and the level of confidence I have on the field. I made amazing friends and memories I will never forget”Kayla Grosso, USA Camper
“I could not have asked for a better hockey experience. This was the best 11 days of my life and I will forever be grateful for the friends I made and incredible coaching I received. Thank you so much Sports EuroTour!”Rachel Place, USA Camper

In this camp you will be “immersed” into this top rated, co-ed European camp. Here, you participate just as the Europeans do; living, training and playing with, and against, international hockey players from all over Europe in an Olympic village atmosphere. The camp will be held at Terrassa Atletic Hockey Club, 40 miles north of Barcelona on the slopes of the Pyrenees mountains. A safe and protected environment.

This program is best suited for the more adventurous and recommended for serious athletes with the right attitude.

Typical Players Who Attend are…

  • USA Futures Participants
  • Active Club Members
  • World Camp USA Participants
  • or Recommended by Your Coach

Attitude Needed

  • Travel & Adventure Excite You
  • Open to New Cultures & Ideas
  • “Glamping” in Europe Sounds Fun

Passion Required

  • Motivated to Grow Your Game
  • Driven to Test & Push Your Limits
  • Seek Fast & Aggressive Hockey

Daily Events

DAY 1 :: USA Departure

Your tour begins by meeting your fellow travel companions at New York’s JFK airport for a late afternoon airline check–in. Here too you will meet your chaperones, our EuroTour staff, who will be with you 24/7 on your adventure. Afterwards you board a scheduled airline for this overnight flight. EuroTour takes care of everything and all details are provided to you well in advance of take-off. We do all the heavy lifting. We’ve been doing this a long time – since 1989.

DAY 2 :: Barcelona Sightseeing

First thing when we get off the plane, is meet your local liaison who takes you to your accommodations on our private chartered bus. this is a fantastic 4-star hotel located on a pedestrian mall right across from the Cathedral. Today you bond with your U.S. teammates, acclimate to your new surroundings, get over jet lag and see the amazing sights of Barcelona (there are many).

DAY 3 :: Meet Your Fellow Campers

What you’ve been waiting for… Today you start your International Camp adventure. We guarantee there has been nothing like this in your hockey career.

Holland, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland are just a few of the countries represented at this top camp.

The hockey starts as soon as you register, friendships too.

DAY 4 :: Fantastic Staff

Many camp staff participated in these camps as teenagers and now return to give back and continue the hockey and fun.

Yes, fun. The Dutch believe that sport should be fun, because the more you love something, the better you will do.

Hockey, Love & Fun!

DAY 5 :: Immersion

You join a top European camp and participate just as the Europeans do. Living, training and playing with, and against, international hockey players.

Expect the best ten days of your life. Create lasting friendships with hockey players from around the globe and transform your game in a safe and fun environment.

DAY 6 :: Training

The European talent you train with is just amazing. No program in the USA can deliver this level of talent. You’ll never play with and against this level at home. Never.

When combined with top demonstrations by Olympic players along with one-on-one training by the best coaches in Europe, you not only experience phenomenal hockey, but find yourself in a life-changing environment.

DAY 7 :: Tournaments

The action is strong and fast.

You’ll join in tournaments, playing with, and against, over 100 other European players who hail from all over Europe. You’ll learn as much from them as you will from your coaches.

Imagine what it will be like to play with, and against, your European peers. Co-ed games with players who have held a stick before the age of six.

DAY 8 :: Goalies Too

Goalies have dedicated GK training, not only designed specifically for you, but within modules that allow one-on-one with a GK coach who understands your position.

Imagine tournament rounds where skilled opponents are coming right at you. You’ve never had shots on goal like this. Maybe best of all, is the oversight by exceptional coaches watching you in game situations, helping with real-time insights, to make you a better goalie.

DAY 9 :: Meal Time

All meals at Camp are served family style. No one sits alone. “Breaking bread” is a great way to learn about different cultures and form relationships that are meaningful.

In this way, you become one hockey family, with like minded athletes from around the globe.

DAY 10 :: Friendships

Bonds have become tight and differences few.

Today is the Masters Showcase and Championship Tournament rounds. It’s the most amazing hockey you have experienced and you now see your game in a new light.

There’s more, when tonight you say good-bye to your new/old friends at the Camp farewell banquet. A perfect ending to a great expereince.

DAY 11 :: Farewells

This morning you bid farewell to your European friends as you depart camp for the airport and home. It’s been a phenomenal 11-days of training, competitive games and exceptional sightseeing.

Now it’s time to show your friends, competitors and prospective college coaches all you have learned. Look at any DI College roster and you’re likely to find a few EuroTour alum. They gain a competitive advantage. They know the value gained from training in Europe.

You can too.

Camp Program Details

  • Round Trip Airfare

    We typically all meet for the first time as a group and depart from Newark Airport. It is your responsibility to meet us there.

  • EuroTour Staff With You 24/7

    Typically two EuroTour staff (depending on the number of players) meet you at the airport and stay with you the entire program.

  • All Breakfasts

    No need to worry about where to find food, it will be waiting for you.

  • All Lunches - except 1

    Choice is nice, and you have that on the day when sightseeing.

  • All Dinners

    Your first dinner at the Hard Rock and the rest at camp family style.

  • Extensive Sightseeing - All Entrance Fees Included

    We do a lot of sightseeing, including a full day upon arrival and two afternoons while in camp, when you visit the city and beach.

  • 9-Days Dutch Camp in Spain - The Best!

    WOW. A full 9-days in Camp. No one delivers like our Dutch partner.

  • Full 11v11 International Tournaments

    The action is hard and fast. Nothing like it!

  • Before Camp in a 4-Star Hotel

    Another EuroTour exclusive. You’ll stay at a 4-star Hotel in a great location within the medieval walled city – the Bari Gothic section – to bond, get over jet-lag and see the sights before entering this camp.

  • Exclusive Private Bus - All Ground Transportation

    When sightseeing or moving to and from the airport, you’ll be chauffeured in our private motor coach.

  • Local Staff Liaison

    Our Spanish staff meets us at the airport and does the heavy lifting.

  • No Hidden Fees on Tour

    You’ll want to bring about $150 to $250 with you. Not paid to us, but for drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Never extra charges from us.

Everything for only $3800.

What Are You Waiting For?

Join what is considered the greatest hockey experience ever.
It’s Your Time.

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