Be Prepared for Preseason

for Current College Players and Rising Freshman

Limited Roster Spots
17 to 20 year old
July 14-21, 2021

You can now cancel for any reason up to February 1, 2021 and receive a full refund. This date may be extended as international COVID protocols are determined.

Field Players

Limited Roster Spots

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Limited Roster Spots

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Simply stated...  the best.

If you don't know us, then understand that most of our collegiate athletes who join are Sport EuroTour alum from their high school years.  They know the value of what this experience can do to help them be fully prepared for season and the competition ahead.

The College Preseason program is modeled after our Dutch Training Tour but with full focus on the collegiate athlete.

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Join what is considered the greatest hockey experience ever.
It’s Your Time.

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