College Preseason
Training Tour

See You in 2023

2022 is now closed

for Current College Players & Rising College Freshman

Limited Roster Spots

Your college coach tells you the plays, how to press and work together as a team. Our job is to provide you with the tools to effectively execute that strategy.

College hockey is hard, fast & competitive. You need to step-up your technical skills to earn time on the pitch and help your team win that championship. Your preparation so close to the start of preseason matters. Give yourself a competitive advantage and an opportunity to be so much better than doing anything else.

On this program, you'll work with the best coaches in Amsterdam training customized technical skills in small groups. It's professional preparation; we stay at a 4 star hotel, eat great meals and get good rest so you can fully recover and be ready for season.


Workshop-style customized small group technical skill training dedicated to the collegiate athlete:

-Drag flick
-Deceptive Sweep
-Aerial & Aerial Reception
-Corner Insert, Stop, Tip & Hit
-Fast passing & stopping
-The sweep
-Reverse hit, pass & reception

FIELD PLAYERSRegister in Fall for 2023


Price does not include flight and a few meals. See below for details. 


All goalie-specific intimate training with a focus on technical and tactical skills:

-Defensive penalty corner
-Drag flick saves
-Decisions making
-Getting good ball contact

GOALIESRegister in Fall for 2023


Price does not include flight and a few meals. See below for details. 

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Our World Cup Hotel

John M. Keynesplein 2, 1066 EP Amsterdam, Netherlands

The itinerary below is still in the process of being updated to reflect the changes due to the addtion of World Cup games and family partcipation.  More details to be added.

Different than previous years - and primarily due to international Covid protocols - EuroTour will no longer be purchasing airline tickets. Athletes and families are free to choose their departure city and carrier as well as use their air miles.

JULY 7 :: Sightseeing & World Cup

Whether you are already traveling in Europe or just arriving from the USA, we’ll be waiting for you at our hotel, the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Tonight the action starts when we go to the World Cup play-off match.  The top 16 teams in the world.  If we’re lucky Team USA will be there too!  But before we leave we’ll have a meet and greet where we’ll enjoy appetizers for all and beer and wine for the family, friends and adults fans.  A big first day.

JULY 8 :: Full-day Dutch Training

What you’ve been waiting for… Today athletes start their Dutch Training with Thomas Tichleman’s Dutch coaching staff. Absolutely the ultimate hockey experience for every hockey-head. Adult fans can watch training or take an independent excursion into Amsterdam – or do both.  After training it’s back to the hotel where you can relax and enjoy a Dutch dinner with your new friends and teammates.

JULY 9 :: Full-day Dutch Training

Today you attend your second full-day of Dutch Training. The coaching is beyond exceptional. Adult fans are invited to watch hockey training or take an independant excursion to explore Holland to its fullest. After a full-day of hockey we have another special Dutch dinner lined-up for you.

JULY 10 :: Excursions & World Cup

A big day of sightseeing is planned when we’ll take you into Amsterdam by our private motor coach for a deep dive of this historic city.   Then we’ll head back to Wagener Stadium for another top match with the world’s best teams. After the game we’ll stay in the “Olympic” village allowing you time to visit the many shops and regional food vendors, plus beer gardens and wine bars for the adults before heading back to the hotel.

JULY 11 :: Full-day Dutch Training

Back at it when you  attend your third full-day of Dutch Training at our nearby club SBHC Xenios. Adults are free to make their own plans for the day and again in the evening after training along with their athlete. Choose to relax at the hotel or possibly visit a local restaurant in the neighborhood or the city center for dinner. 

JULY 12 :: World Cup

Fun and the World Cup are on the agenda today. We start out by seeing more of Holland before heading to our 3rd World Cup match and action.  Here, in the USA, we cannot experience the ability, speed and action of the World’s top teams. You will learn as much from watching these top competitors as you can from your Dutch coaches. Tonight we end with an evening cruise through the beautifully lighted canals of Amsterdam.

JULY 13 :: Depart for Home

This morning you bid farewell to Europe when you depart Holland for home. Now it’s time to show your friends, competitors and prospective college coaches all you have learned. Private training, World Cup, exceptional sightseeing – all while staying at our 4-star hotel next to our training pitch and club.
Simply awesome. Join us.

What's Included

  • Familes & Fans Invited Too

    The World Cup Training Tour is intended to be a shared family experience. Everything is included for “Fans” except the hockey training and a couple of team meals.

  • EuroTour Chaperones & Support Staff

    All logistics will be covered by the Sport EuroTour staff team who are with tour members 24/7. We are the best in the business; we’ve been bringing U.S. hockey athletes to Amsterdam for 30+ summers!

  • All Breakfasts

    No need to worry about where to find breakfast, it will be waiting for you.

  • 3 Lunches

    Lunch is provided for an authentic Dutch hockey lunch at the clubhouse during training for the athletes. 1 lunch is included in the family/fan package.

  • 3 Dinners

    We’ll visit an authentic Dutch farmhouse and other local cuisines. 2 dinners are included in the family/fan package.

  • Sightseeing & Excursions

    We do a lot of great sightseeing too – all admissions are included.

  • COVID Care Promise

    We provide the access to rapid test and will help facilitate any tests you need for your flight home. And, in the rare chance you need to quarantine or have issues with your flight, we will help facilitate hotels and medical attention.

  • Trust

    Ok ok, this isn’t tangible. But, now more than ever, when you send your child to Europe, you need to trust the organization. Our owner was awarded USA Field Hockey’s Humanitarian of the Year in 2020. We are a field hockey family with experience who has your best interests at heart.

  • 3 Full-Days of Private Dutch Clinics - The Best!

    This is it. The best of the best in Field hockey training. No one delivers this in-depth design like our Dutch partners do. All hockey is on water-based turf.

  • 3 World Cup Matches

    We’ve got your ticket to three games of World Cup action at Wagener Stadium. The action and energy will be something you’ve never experienced in our sport! Music, cheering, vendors, beer gardens and more!

  • Accommodations in 4-Star Hotel

    Another EuroTour exclusive. You’ll stay at a 4-sar Hotel right next to our club and fields. No better location.

  • Exclusive Private Bus - All Ground Transport

    When sightseeing and heading to & from the World Cup, you’ll be chauffeured with your U.S. teammates in our private motor coach.

  • Local Tour Guide

    EuroTour’s resident Tour Guide will provide all the Dutch facts and answer all your questions about the culture. She will also give family and fans tips on what to do and where to go while athletes are training.

  • Welcome Reception

    Enjoy dutch appetizers for all and local beer and wine for the family & fans while getting to know your fellow athletes and families on tour.

  • Flexibility

    The perks of an organized tour with the flexibility of a family vacation. From different bus scheduled pick-ups, so you can leave early or stay late – to a few evenings of “free time” to plan something on your own.

Meet Your Tour Leader

Emily Snowden is the Director of Goalkeeping for Sport EuroTour and will be the Tour Leader for the College Preseason Training Tour. Em has chaperoned with EuroTour for 4 years and has trained under Martijn Drijver for 5 years.
Emily is the former Goalie Coach at Drexel University and former Director of Goalkeeping at WC Eagles. As a full time coach near Philadelphia, she works with dozens of college athletes of all levels, and works with 9 athletes on the National Team circuit.
Emily has her Masters of Public Health and when she isn't on the pitch, studying hockey film or traveling, you can find her at the dog park with Beau, her furry sidekick.

Have a question about The College Preseason Training Tour?

We're here for you.
Let us help you make an informed decision. 


Who is this program best suited for?
This program is designed for any current or rising collegiate athlete. We have a diverse mix of players who typically attend; from U.S. National Team athletes to DIII rising freshman. Training groups are assigned based on level of play.

What is the coach to player ratio?
For goalkeepers, it is a minimum of 1 top international coach to 4 athletes. For field players, it is a minimum of 1 international coach to 8 athletes. Lots of 1 on 1 attention!

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! We have a complimentary and easy payment plan.  

What is the cancellation policy?
We have a convenient and flexible cancel policy.  Here is the link to our Cancellation Policy page. 

Can I come with a group of my teammates?
Yes, this tour is appropriate for athletes coming solo, coming with 1 teammate or coming with a group of teammates. There are limited spots on this program and we cannot hold spots for your team, it will be first come first serve. 

I will be of legal drinking age in The Netherlands, can I have a drink on tour?
No. We will have EuroTour's standard Code of Conduct. Some, but not all of the rules are: athletes cannot have an alcoholic beverage, athletes cannot walk into a pot shop aka "Coffee Hause", athletes cannot be out of the hotel past 11pm (even if accompanied by their guardian), athletes must be at required events on time, for example training and team breakfast, etc.
While we will have fun on tour, remember, you are here for hockey preseason prep, not a party Euro trip. This is for athletes who take their hockey seriously. 

Will I have a roommate?
Yes, you will have 1 roommate. Our chaperones will assign your roommate on the first day and you can request to room with your friend. 

Do the field players and goalies train together?
A far majority of the training will be separate for dedicated training; the two water based astro fields are right next to each other. There will be a few interactive goalie and field player drills. Training will start and end at the same time, so athletes coming on tour with their friends will have the same schedule no matter their position. 

Can I do my team workout packet on tour?
Yes, we will have a dedicated time set each day for you to do your team's workout packet.

I have more questions?
Email Tori at