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An Immersive Experience:

Live, play and train with the top hockey athletes from all around the world, at the world's BEST hockey facilities with the world's BEST coaches. 

This is an intensive co-ed experience, best suited for dedicated athletes who are motivated to grow their game, driven to push their limits while being open to new cultures and ideas. 

Limited to only 20 U.S. athletes in each Elite camp. They sell out every year.  

We're helping U.S. athletes find and participate in our these extraordinary and authentic Dutch hockey camps in Holland. However, EuroTour does not arrange airlines or hotels for USA athletes - or provide payment options or administration of these program.  All registration and questions are handled directly with SportWays of Amsterdam hockey group.  We give you direct access as reference only.

If you seek this experience, click on the button below to find and select the camp that best suits your talents.

Please note, families can now sign-up directly to register for the camp of their choice with SportWays. Athletes and/or families will be responsible for all air and ground arrangements when traveling to Holland.

Two Step Process
Step 1: Find your camp
Step 2: Sign-up to start registration

Step 1
SportWays Camps

Step 2
Register for Camp
Select Your Camp


Educate yourself
Quality and Experience does matter

Registration process

We apologize, but SportWays is redoing their website and until the edits are complete (expected some time in December) the process will require a few extra clicks.

Follow This Outline

  1. Visit the SportWays webpage to find your camp. Click the "Step 1 Button" above or click this link:
    1. NOTE: currently if U.S. athletes try to sign-up from the sign-up links on the above SportWays camp pages, they will find it will eventually lead to a dead-end, as U.S addresses are blocked from registering there.
  2. But we have a work-around for that. Once you determine your camp, come back to this page and click on the "Step 2 button" above or click on this link:
    1. Once you complete the form on this page SportWays will reply directly to you with confirmation and payment instructions.


Suggestions and Observations:

Amsterdam 4. Elite Hockey Camp 2023 :: this camp is for the best-of-the-best. When you are looking at these authentic Dutch camps, keep in mind the level of the average athlete at these camps is typically around 2-4 years ahead of our American FH players . Plus the camps are co-ed for even faster speed and game-pace. In addition, SportWays may qualify you for this program prior to acceptance.  Typically for Americans that means having first done an "Elite Prep" camp in prior years.

Amsterdam & Antwerp camps #1, 2, 3 & 5 ::  Most U.S. athletes will want to review these programs and dates.

SportWays is strict in sticking to it's outlined age criteria.

Barcelona EHF Excellence Hockey Camp 2023 :: This is an excellent camp for most playing abilities.  However, it runs into August and up-against most preseason start dates.

Playing-up :: In the US a top FH athlete typically will “age-up” in camp or games, but these camps are at SUCH a high level that we recommend Americans think about “aging-down” in their camp choice. Also, what you consider the best camp may be a step too powerful, and not really help develop or accelerate your game - which is the goal of this experience.

Jetlag :: One thing to keep in mind when planning your travels is jet lag; plan to book your flight at least 24-48 hours prior to camp start. You'll want maximum energy for the first day of camp!

Note from Sport EuroTour founder, Bob Whitcher

I started EuroTour in 1989 after having a chance meeting with Thomas Tichelman, who is now regarded as one of the best technical skill trainers (coaches) in the world.  At that time he was just an up-and-comer Dutch field hockey coach. Now his expertise is legendary, starting with the development of the drag flick with Olympic Gold medalist Taco van den Honert and currently a sought after and recruited speaker for the FIH.

The EuroTour legacy is solidly recognized as delivering the highest quality hockey training and travel out of the USA.  I'm proud to have created such a well regarded program that has helped thousands of young adults discover more about themselves and the world around them - hopefully they learned a little about hockey too.

I believe the Covid years gave us all a moment to pause and reassess our individual situations. During this time we found it necessary to suspend EuroTour for three summers. However, the company did not sit idle. Tori, my daughter and partner, created a wildly successful talent id event called The LineUP.

Ageing gracefully, time devoted to consulting for The LineUP, travel and even fishing have become my new priorities.

However, the Dutch camps owned by my friend Thomas Tichelman called SportWays, are still very much in operation.  This is an experience my two daughters had through their high school years - and I want that opportunity to continue for every U.S. athlete, boy or girl.  With that hope and desire, Sport EuroTour will now be referring all athletes directly to the SportWays organization for their camp questions and registration.  Direct access, what could be better?!  To start, click the link above to begin your journey.

Have fun in Europe.  It's 100% the experience-of-a-lifetime.
I know. I lived it with my family.
Bob Whitcher

Elite Camp Answers

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Who's Behind Our Hockey

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“An experience out of my comfort zone that pushed me to grow into a better hockey player and a better person.”Suzanne Polashock, USA Camper
“A life changing moment of learning new things and breaking my own boundaries.”Callie Srader, USA Camper
“I feel very elite and prepared for college. “Melissa Manzello, USA Camper
“Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. It has really broadened my horizons and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! “Brooke Whipkey, USA Camper
“This experience helped me develop into a more confident and controlled player by competing against the best competition from around the world. “Madison Fagan, USA Camper
“Best thing I have done in my life!”Ivy Allen, USA Camper