Euro Fest

International Field Hockey Round Robin
Competitive Test Series

July 27 to August 3, 2021

Teams Welcome
Coach Free

Sport EuroTour is the exclusive U.S. registrar for the Euro Fest.  An international summer youth tournament in Europe. We will be selecting a limited number of USA teenage athletes and teams to travel and compete with us at the competition. Our program is designed as an all inclusive world class hockey tour for athletes joining with or without their family.

Tournament Format
International Team Meals
Social Event
plus Day of Top Dutch Training
and Two-Country Touring

Families Invited

Teams with their Coach
Two Ways to Join


does not include airfare

For athletes traveling with their team plus parent or family.
Fully Escorted Family Team & Family Tour Package.
An 7-day European Hockey Family Adventure!

$1750 each
(Athlete and Family members)


does not include airfare

For athletes NOT with a parent or family member.
Led by EuroTour with Your Team
An 7-day European Hockey Experience!

Athlete: $1995

For athletes traveling with at least one family member. EuroTour will escort athletes and family members starting at Schiphol Airport and throughout the two country program plus assign them a roster spot on "Team Liberty" at tournament. Airfare is not included.  This allows families to find the best air price or use air miles while flying direct from their regional airport. We meet athletes with their family members at either our hotel or Schiphol Airport in Holland.  We will be running two scheduled shuttles from the airport to the hotel on the morning of July 21. This tour is fully comprehensive,  Family members get everything the athletes receive except for what is included in the athletes hockey tournament and hockey clinic. Complete tour details are outlined under "What's Included" and "Itinerary".


7-Days| Two Countries
Solo Free Agents meet their EuroTour chaperones and staff at JFK Airport for an evening flight to Amsterdam. Free Agents with family and Club teams can meet-up and join us on this flight too, although they buy their own air tickets on our flight. Otherwise we will meet them in Holland at the airport or hotel on Wednesday June 21.

What's Included

  • EuroTour Chaperone Staff

    All logistics will be covered by the Sport EuroTour staff team who travels with tour members 24/7 beginning at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Nothing is left to chance. You are traveling with a top rated sport organization that has operated first-rate field hockey tours in Europe for over 30 years.

  • Ground Transport

    All ground transportation to scheduled activities and events where a bus is needed.

  • Sightseeing and Entrance Fees

    We do a lot of great sightseeing.

  • All Breakfasts

    No need to worry about where to find breakfast, it will be waiting for you.

  • 5 Dinners*

    Good meals. Not dorm food. *Parents are provided with 4 dinners while all Athletes have an additional lunches that occur during the Hockey Fest.

  • 3 Lunches*

    *Lunches are only included for Athletes during their on-field hockey days.

  • Tournament Entry Fees

    Everything is taken care of for all athletes to participate in all hockey events.

  • Team Uniform

    Two Team Liberty game shirts (light & dark) plus one pair of socks. Athletes are asked to bring two pairs of shorts – White and Navy blue (they’ll fit better for game speed).

  • Airfare*

    *Airfare is only included for SOLO ATHLETES who are NOT traveling with an adult family member. All other participants must secure their own airline tickets to Holland.

  • No Hidden Fees

    You know going in what your bottom line will be. Athletes will want to bring about $200 with you. Not paid to us, but for drinks, snacks and souvenirs as they travel. Never extra charges from us.

Next Steps

The first step is to have your club or team coordinator contact Tori and register your team into the Tournament and tour. There is no charge for this.  Team members will pay individually when they register online.  A registration link will be provided for team and family members to join.

Email Tori:


I'm not on a team, can I come?
YES. You are a Free Agent. GO HERE FOR MORE INFO

What kind of tour is this?
First and foremost it's a competitive international hockey experience along with great destinations and sightseeing with like-minded athletes.

What is the field hockey component?
2-days at Hockey Fest along with one day of TOP, TOP training at our Dutch clinic prior to the Hockey Fest weekend in Germany.

What's the Tournament format?
7v7, 1/2 field, on water-based turf.  

How do I sign-up?
Your Coach or Tour coordinator first registers with Sport EuroTour as a team.  Once that is confirmed, you will be given a link to sign-up on tour.

Who or what is Sport EuroTour?
Sport EuroTour, SportWays Amsterdam and Dusseldorf HC are co-organizers in delivering the Tournament.  EuroTour with SportWays is responsible for providing TOP hockey clinics.  Sport EuroTour, a U.S. organization, has been operating internationally recognized Field Hockey tours exclusively in Europe for over 30 years.

How much does it cost?
--Athletes with a club and with a family member is $1750. each. No airfare included.
--Athletes with a club but without a family member only $1995. No airfare included.

What do Family Members get?
Family Members, young and old, enjoy all the services that athletes receive except during the Athletes hockey programs during the three days at Euro Fest and top Dutch clinic.

Can I get a single room?
Yes. All prices are based on at least two people in a room (double occupancy). Single rooms have a supplemental cost of $600. If needed we can arrange for your athlete to room with another athlete.  Please email us with this request after you register.

Do you have triple rooms?
We're looking into this option with our hotels.

I am not coming with my parents - how well chaperoned is it? is it safe?
30 years without an indecent. While we can't guarantee you won't have a hockey injury, we are focused on your safety both on and off the field.  Plus you'll have your coach with you.

Is everyone welcome?
This is not a beginner or novice hockey program.  If you join and we determine this program is not appropriate for your skill level, we will cancel you from the tour and  refund any monies paid to us.  This is a robust program that includes city walking during city visits and sightseeing excursions, young children and adult family members who have trouble walking should not attend.

Who are the chaperones?
Our EuroTour staff and chaperones have not been determined at this time, however, they are typically college coaches. They are not undergrad college students.

On the 3 days of sightseeing excursions, are the parents and athletes together?
Absolutely. The only time that the Athletes will be formally separated from their families is during their hockey days.

How are athletes roommates selected?
We let your coach decide this.

I am coming with my family but don't want to room with my parents. Can this be arranged?
Yes. We will make every effort to place you in a room with players of your same age.

How many are on a team?
We will be playing 7v7.  We will believe 10 to 12 players on each team is best.

Will EuroTour provide the names and info of other U.S. athletes participating beforehand?
We post USA athletes in June along with the names of our chaperones and staff.

A Summer Tournament in Europe?
Yes. We work at the highest levels of hockey in Europe and the world.  We’ve been planning and organizing this with our European network and partners for more than three years. A lot of time and effort has been invested by top people in our sport to create this world event. 

What International teams can I expect to play against?
Because of the European school calendar and preseason this coming summer we expect teams will predominantly be German.  While we are still in the invitation stage, we have had good responses from Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

-- Can i get a credit if I meet you in Germany and only participate in the 2-day tournament?
-- Can I get my own accommodations and get a credit?
-- I need to arrive late or leave early, is that possible?
It is possible to deviate from the tour itinerary (arrive late or leave early) if necessary. However, there will be no credit given for joining late, departing early or any deviation from the tour itinerary.  Deviations are not recommended or encouraged.

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