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Summer 2022

Parents, Guardians, Family & Fans

Because the safety of our athletes is our number one priority, all of EuroTour programs in 2022 will require each athlete to have a guardian participate in the Tour; this can be a parent, coach, teammate's parent, family friend, etc.

This is a new COVID policy; designed for the the rare case if the athlete were to have issues e.g., does not feel well, is required to quarantine, or a positive COVID test prevents a return on your scheduled flight.

You will have all the continued support of our staff and Tour Leaders as thousands of athletes have with EuroTour.

Plus - we made this tour VERY fun (and cost effective) for any family or coach attending!!

There are no "must do's" for adults on tour. You are free to choose what you do. It's your vacation too.  But we have great plans for you.

 Our tours are a unique opportunity for you to share-in, and create, family memories that will last a lifetime. Here you can watch your daughter grow and experience what will surely be a life changing story.





All Fans


Great Food
& Reception


Dutch Pancakes
at the Farmhouse 


Mmmm... Yummy
European Pastries



4 Star Hotel

Easy Amsterdam exploration

No Driving!

Heineken Experience

Wine Bars

Authentic Dutch Meals

We Know Amsterdam

Meet-ups & Group Dinners

Come and go as you wish


World Cup Tix
Only on the World Cup Tours



All of our programs are intended to be a family experience. Everything is included for “Fans” except the hockey training, hockey camps and clinics and meals associted with training.

While adult fans have freedom of choice of whether to join in scheduled activities, they will however will be required to follow EuroTour rules of travel, which include, but not limited to:

  1. All adult participants must be fully vaccinated with an approved EU vaccine.
  2. All adult participants will be required to have an approved negative COVID test result within 3 days of travel (both ways - to and from Holland).
  3. All adult participants must complete a Dutch Health Declaration.
  4. All adult participants will be required to complete and sign identical waivers that are required of the athletes.

Fan Pricing:

World Cup Training Program

Starting at $1795 for the first adult in private room and only $990. for the 2nd fan sharing room.

Elite Camps

Starting at $499 for the first adult in private room and only $299. for the 2nd fan sharing room (2 nights prior to camp).

Starting at $1350 for the first adult in private room and only $350. for the 2nd fan sharing room (8 nights).

Fans Join Here

Visit our "Pricing" page for Family Package Registration links: or CLICK HERE

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