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An Open Letter from Bob Whitcher

There’s no room for inferior or diluted travel programs. Not when you consider the hopes and dreams you place in your child’s future.

When we started in 1989, no one offered a European hockey program. We were the first. However, if someone ever does design and execute a program better than EuroTour, we will recuse ourselves and let them take charge. To date, we have not found a successor.

For the past 28 years, we have been the only U.S. sport travel program that focuses solely on field hockey. We are the only U.S. field hockey program that focuses wholly on Europe. We are the only USA program that works exclusively with our Olympic Dutch partners.

I believe it’s important you know who you are working with. Too many times when I review a sport website, I cannot find who it is I am trusting with my child. Why is that? You put your faith in us, in me, to deliver, and more important, to return your child home safe and secure. I believe you should know and care about the persons who have such a role in your life.

Most of us come into this sport as a neophyte, learning from other parents on the sideline. By the time you have it figured out, your athlete is graduating. It happens fast. My plea to you is, “don’t settle”.

We are hockey, we are parents, we are family. Join us.

Bob Whitcher
Sport EuroTour

PS: Be confident, when you travel with EuroTour, you are travelling with the best.

“Ashley had the most wonderful time of her life on EuroTour. The coaches, the organization and the exposure to the European aura has made a lasting impression on her. Thank you so much”Ann Hall, MA - Parent

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