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Every year we have a number of international athletes from around the globe join our U.S groups. Here are some considerations why you should travel, train and play in Europe with us.

  • U.S. College opportunities
  • Travel with U.S Teenagers
  • Awesome Dutch Training
  • Have all your questions answered, whether it is about college life in the USA or cultural differences or about our tours and their details.

  • Get all answers
  • Safety procedures
  • Accommodations
  • Our Chaperones
  • Multiple programs – which is best

  • Past participating countries include: Argentina | Chile | Hong Kong | S. Africa | Belgium | Germany | Canada | Ireland | England… add you name to this list.


    Meet Tori Whitcher, co-owner
    Growing up Tori spent most of her summer’s in Holland where she trained and played with top coaches, including gold medal Olympians. Her collegiate career was spent playing DI hockey at University of Richmond (’11). Tori will be your main point of contact.


    We are a family business and operate with the same values you hold dear.

    We began in 1989 with our first hockey group to Europe. Soon, by word-of-mouth, players and teams throughout the USA joined us on our European hockey trips. Great things happened too. Our oldest daughter, Jayna, went on to play at Yale (class of ’09), while Tori showed a talent for both hockey and travel. What was once an avocation had become a vocation.

    Along the way we met fantastic people and made strong friendships with those having impressive credentials and distinguished networks. We developed an exclusive arrangement with the European Hockey Federation (EHF) Camp and Clinic providers to register US players into Europe’s top talent camps. Our relationships in Field Hockey are at the highest level – at the Olympic GOLD level.

    Our goal now is to introduce you to the same people and have the same experiences which we have found to be life-changing for so many teenagers that have joined us. This is easy to join. Most of our field hockey players are solo travelers and our groups come-together and bond quickly. It’s awesome to watch these young ladies grow in hockey and in life. Arrange a call with Tori, she will answer all of your questions.

    Meet Bob Whitcher, founder
    Bob started Sport EuroTour to marry sport and culture into his family dynamic with the goal of expanding his daughters outlook and range beyond our borders. He is actively involved in all phases of EuroTour.

    Friends matter too

    In Europe, we have one of our greatest assets – Thomas Tichelman – Former Dutch Men & Women National Team Coach and Technical adviser to the KNHB (the Dutch governing hockey board. Currently, Thomas spends much of his time as a guest speaker and course conductor for the FIH, the international governing body of world hockey. Thomas is our Technical partner and designs all of our training programs. We also seek guidance and work closely with Dutch native and head FH coach at Harvard, Tjerk Van Herwaarden.

    Our Staff in one word: Awesome. College coaches, club coaches and high school coaches are among the elite who are invited to travel with us as chaperones. Many are trained at our domestic camp – World Camp USA. Fantastic mentors!

    Harvard Head Coach Van Herwaarden and FIH coach Thomas Tichelman

    Club Coach and College Coaches

    Our programs stand out…
    WAY OUT!

    • Hockey Level & Expertise cannot get better
    • Top demos by superstars
    • The best coaching & training
    • Full tournament games and matches
    • Awesome Sightseeing
    • 4 Star Accommodations
    • European support staff
    • Adult Chaperones 24/7
    • Multi-tiered programs – Choose which is best for you

    College Prep

    Look at any college roster and you are likely to find a few EuroTour alum. Yes, you gain a massive competitive advantage in your game, BUT have you thought about your advantage when presenting yourself to prospective college coaches. You stand out. Build your hockey resume – Join the EuroTour family and network.

    Who’s Joined us: Argentina | Chile | Hong Kong | S. Africa | Belgium | Germany | Canada | Ireland | England

    Not from the United States? All the more reason for you to join one of our hockey adventures. Arrange a call with Tori, learn all there is about hockey in Europe and traveling with teenagers from the USA.