Why Play Hockey in Europe?

Because this is your next step.

If you look at any DI College roster you’re likely to find a few EuroTour alumni. It’s not unusual for our players to make the team. They have a competitive advantage over other US players. They know the value of top-training in Europe.

Our focus is on top international hockey training – the very best. We offer a killer training program – and FUN too! The hockey program is designed by our partner, FIH “Master Coach” a Grade 1 Developmental Coach (the only one in the World with this designation) Thomas Tichelman who is a former Olympic Silver medal coach of the Men’s Dutch National Team and former coach and technical trainer with the 2012 Olympic Gold Women’s National Team; now current Technical Advisor to the KNHB (the Dutch governing hockey board – similar to our USFHA). A top coach within a top program.

Our small group size (typically 36 players) allows for an unheard of 1:5 Dutch coach to player ratio – along with one-on-one individual attention to your game.

And over 60% of our players sign-up as an individual – as new friendships are made quickly on EuroTour.

“Sitting here thinking that camp is over and I have to go back to the US is the saddest thing ever! I am definitely planning this camp again next year, no doubt! Thank you again! It was the best week of my life!”Maya Herm, MD- Player

We take an expanded mix of players, from seasoned DI recruited athletes to the player embarking on her high school career. Training is focused on the individual – not the group. Learn from the development team that took Olympic Gold multiple times.

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