The Best
Goalie School on Planet Earth

The Elite Goalie Academy offers the best GK training anywhere.

The Academy is an “immersive” European coed camp experience with top goalies from around the globe attending. Recommended for serious USA goalies with the right attitude. It is best suited for dedicated athletes who are motivated to grow their game.

Unique, Authentic and Powerful

Jr Elite Goalie Academy

July 22-30, 2022
Class of '25-'27


  • 25 & '26: Rising sophomores & freshman must be competitive year round hockey athletes  
  • '27 Rising 8th graders must have been selected for 2021 Nexus Championship
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Elite Goalie Academy

July 22-30, 2022
Class of '23-'25


  • '23 & '24 : Rising Juniors & Seniors must be committed to, or plan to play at a high level in college
  • '25: Rising sophomores must have been selected for 2021 Nexus Championship
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Step II Elite Goalie Academy

July 29-Aug 6, 2021
Class of '22-'24


On a typical year  this is for alumni only,  see below for our new qualifications:

  • '22: Rising college freshman must be playing for a competitive DIII program  (DI athletes will already be in preseason).
  • '23: Rising seniors must be committed to a DI program or top 20 DIII program.
  • '24: Rising juniors must have been selected for 2021 Nexus Championship
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GK College Preseason World Cup

July 7-13, 2022

For college goalkeepers and rising college goalkeepers.

A family experience including top GK-specific training, World Cup, excursions & more. 

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  • Camp Immersion: live, train & play with dozens of top goalies & hockey athletes from all around the world

  • Goalie-specific training and goalie workshops with some of the best goalie coaches and goalies in the world

  • Daily tournaments where you will get to play with and against some of the best field players


“One of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced came throughout the whole camp. I already miss it so so much. “Kendyl Underwood (said it was the "best experience of my life")
“Incredibly intense and fun!”Marissa Florio (2nd year attending)
“Definitely the best camp I’ve ever been too, My game has improved so much simply from playing against players at the international level.”Skye Joegriner (said it was the "best experience of my life")
“I learned more than I thought was even possible”Izzy Anton - (said her skill level increased by 10X)

Here’s What You Get

  • EuroTour Staff With You 24/7

    Typically two EuroTour staff (depending on the number of players traveling) meet you at the airport and stay with you the entire program.

  • All Breakfasts

    No need to worry about where to find food, it will be waiting for you.

  • All Lunches - except 2

    Choice is nice, and you have that on the two days you are out-and-about sightseeing.

  • All Dinners

    Hotel or at camp – family style dining at its best.

  • Extensive Sightseeing - All Entrance Fees Included

    We do a lot in 2-days of sightseeing and all admissions are included, from the Ann Frank House to our private canal cruise.

  • 6-Days Dutch GK School - The Best!

    This is it. The best of the best in Field hockey training. No one delivers like our Dutch partners do.

  • Daily International Tournaments

    The action is hard and fast. Nothing like it!

  • Before Camp in 4-Star Hotel

    Another EuroTour exclusive. You’ll stay at a 4-star Sport Hotel right next to the club and camp. No better location.

  • Exclusive Private Bus - All Ground Transportation

    When sightseeing or moving to and from the airport, you’ll be chauffeured in our private motor coach.

  • Dutch Staff Liaison

    Our Dutch staff member meet us at the airport and does all the heavy lifting.

  • No Hidden Fees on Tour

    You’ll want to bring about $150 to $250 with you. Not paid to us, but for drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Never extra charges from us.

Elite Goalie Camp
Daily Events

DAY 1 :: Holland Sightseeing

You can choose to meet us at the airport or the hotel. We will all meet to begin our day at noon at the hotel and will have a 9:30am private bus and an 11am private bus pick-up at the airport.  Our staff will be at the airport to lead you to our private chartered bus that will take us to our accommodations.

After we meet all athletes, families and EuroTour staff, we are off on a drive through the countryside in our motor coach to an open air, “living” museum. Here you’ll visit windmills, see wooden shoes being handmade and try Dutch pancakes. Today & tomorrow you acclimate to your new surroundings, bond with your teammates, get over jet lag and see the amazing sights of Holland.

DAY 2 :: Amsterdam Sightseeing

There’s still much to see and do before the start of camp. This morning you’re off to Amsterdam where you visit a museum (we will announce this in the spring, after museum’s COVID summer protocols are more in place) and have time for a little shopping at the biggest and best hockey store in Amsterdam.

Tonight you’ll be escorted on a classic boat cruise along the narrow canals where you glide through the waterways in our private custom launch – see Amsterdam lit at night as a local would!

Now you are ready… it’s time to prepare for tomorrow.

Parents & families have the option of joining us today. We require all athletes to stay with the group to get to know their new teammates & EuroTour staff.

DAY 3 :: Arrive to Camp

What you’ve been waiting for… Today you start your Elite Dutch Camp adventure.

After breakfast, say goodbye to your families, and a private bus will pick up our athletes and chaperones to head into camp.

We guarantee there has been nothing like this in your hockey career. This morning, you will be placed into 3 groups: your try-out group, your tournament team & your tent roommates. After we are settled, we start with an intensive training that is a try-out. The top international coaches evaluate the athletes to place them in an appropriate training group.

While all athletes at this camp are “Elite” – there are varying levels. You will see athletes at this camp who could beat most top DI collegiate seniors. The average European at this camp has skill levels 2-4 years above the average American’s.

DAY 4 ::Camp – Your International Coaches

The Dutch believe that sport should be fun, because the more you love something, the better you will do. Our American athletes rave about the coaching level and say it is the best coaching they have ever received.

At training, you rotate every 15 minutes to work with a different coach. You will have 2 tournament coaches who you will work with on a daily level.

At a 1-week Dutch camp, you get to know your coaches very well; not only are they coaching you on the field, but they are ensuring you have an amazing week on and off the field.

DAY 5 :: Camp – Your EuroTour Chaperones

Each Elite camp will have 2 EuroTour chaperones. They are with you 24/7 for anything you need. Need another blanket? Not feeling well? Have a sore ankle? Just need someone to talk to about life? Want someone to take your picture? Our EuroTour chaperones are you moms away from home. They will be communicating with your parents if you need anything at all. In the rare case you need to go to the hospital, they will be the ones taking you and communicating with your family.

Our EuroTour chaperones will support your journey every day, because a 6-day intensive hockey camp, with new food, new people and lots of different cultures can sometimes be a lot!

We only hire chaperones who live in the USA, who we have worked with before. They are all former field hockey athletes who currently coach at the high school, club or college level.

DAY 6 :: Camp – Tournaments

The action is strong and fast.

You’ll join in daily tournaments, playing with, and against, over 100 other European athletes who hail from all over Europe. You’ll learn as much from them as you will from the top coaches.

Imagine what it will be like to play with, and against, your European peers. Co-ed games with players who have held a stick before the age of six.

On day 1 you will be placed in a tournament team. And you bet that on the last day, the two best teams will play against each other in front of the whole camp!

DAY 7 :: Camp – Hockey Training

No program in the USA can deliver this level of action, ability and achievement.

When combined with top demonstrations by Olympic players along with one-on-one training by the best coaches in Europe, you not only experience phenomenal hockey, but find yourself in a life-changing environment.

Each day, experience 1-3 training sessions. Each session has a “theme”. You will rotate in 15 minute intervals to do a new drill and work with a new coach surrounding that theme. Amazing demos will be performed in the morning so you can see all those drills performed at the highest level.

Plus, there are special workshops to focus-in on specific technical or tactical skillsets.

Anytime there is a break throughout the day, you can choose to hop on any of the water-based astro turfs and work on your skills or play a pickup game with your new international teammates. It truly is hockey 24/7.

DAY 8 :: Camp – Fun & Friendships

Today is your last full-day of top training with your Dutch coaches, tonight your last international game.

It’s the most amazing hockey you have experienced and now you are seeing your game in a new light. There’s more; tonight you say good-bye to your Dutch friends at your farewell dinner and dance.

Expect the best week of your life. Create lasting friendships with hockey players from around the globe and transform your game within a safe and fun environment.

A perfect ending to a great trip!

DAY 9 :: Farewells & Departure

This morning you bid farewell to Europe when you depart Holland for home. It’s been a phenomenal week of training, competitive games, exceptional sightseeing and new friends.

Our private bus will pick you up at the club house this morning to head to the airport. Your families can choose to meet us at the airport, or pick you up from the club house.

Now it’s time to show your friends, competitors and prospective college coaches all you have learned.

Look at any DI College roster and you’re likely to find a few EuroTour alum. They gain a competitive advantage. They know the value gained from training in Europe.

You can too.

Requires Attitude

Travel & Adventure Excite You
Open to New Cultures & Ideas
For the Academy, “Glamping” in Europe Sounds Fun

Requires Passion

Motivated to Grow Your Game
Driven to Test & Push Your Limits
You Seek Fast & Aggressive Hockey

You Get

Ultimate Hockey Experience
Ultimate Cultural Experience
Ultimate Life Experience

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“I believe there is a critical need for young American field hockey players to travel abroad – to be exposed to the various cultures and the international game of hockey. Global hockey is just so athletic, passionate and community oriented. Unfortunately most high school players are limited by their narrow experience. Only when exposed to the game at its most developed levels – can players realize their full potential. I encourage all US hockey players to take the next step in their hockey careers – an international hockey experience.”Missy Meharg, Head Field Hockey Coach, University of Maryland
Seven NCAA titles, 23 conference titles and 17 Final Fours. Named NFHCA National Coach of the Year an unprecedented nine times.

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Join what is considered the greatest hockey experience ever.
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